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The Road 

        Less Traveled


Divine Chaos: Amy Coehllo


My FB friend Amy really hit home with this one. Unless you been through it you might not understand it. Let these words breathe life to the ones that need it. Thank you, thank you and thank you Amy - Lonnie


Often times God will allow a Divine Chaos to overwhelm what you called, "your life." This whirlwind comes in the form of job loss, loss of your house, loss of support system, loss of finances, loss of relationships, false accusation, loss of marriage, or even death of a loved one.


Your world falls apart. But if you let it all go and you trust your God, what is given back to you is called Divine Order. We cry out for change. Then God comes in like a storm. Shakes things up and brings about character and wisdom and humility to take on the new task ahead. True friends will see this as a work of God and will rally around you.


The friends that can't get something from you anymore will judge and criticize and move away from you. Divine Chaos divides the wheat from the chaff. So that you can enter into Divine Order with those that are true and that which is ordained. Remember those that were with you when you had nothing and no where to turn. Honor. Honor those that God sent to recuse you. Create a culture of honor.

God Shall Supply by All Your Needs: Lonnie Ellis


Page TitlePhilippians 4:19 - And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


When I was a very young Christian I had the honor to serve in top leadership at a big church of a big denomination. I was on the fast track. 4 years later the Lord told me that season was over. The Senior Pastor and his wife blessed me and honored me. His wife said these words to me, "Lonnie you are about to enter The Road Less Traveled where most Christians will never go on." I was like yipeee, yahoooooo and hallelujah. Well 10 years later I know why most Christians never will travel this road or if they enter it they bail back out. On this road God deals with the biggest enemy of our soul - He deals with Ourselves - Selah


In the middle of my life blowing to pieces early last year and loosing just about everything I held dear to my heart the Lord called me back into full-time ministry and said don't take a job, you have no plan B, you need to learn to TRUST ME! I was SCARED & FRIGHTENED. But I know my Fathers voice and I am a obedient son. His ways are not our ways.2015 was lots of sowing in tears, prayers and changing from the inside out. Today He brought me to another AMAZING church were I have the honor to serve a Pastor I love (SHWC) this is after He had me leave my home church 2 years ago. A place where I was for several years an Elder/Assoc Pastor and a people I will always love and honor and they loved and honored me (BFC).


In 2016 I may not have much but I now have a King size bed again - Selah. I am blessed to live in a beautiful new home in a beautiful new neighborhood 5 moves later. I have a best friend again that lives close and I can trust again. My bills are current. It may not be a lot JUST YET but I get the honor to give tithes/offerings to my church and give to others and I luv it. Pastor Verna Brown my friend thank you for the powerful teachings on tithing and having the Cyrus anointing. Sooo balanced in truth! And for speaking into my life with your messages and personally.


When writing my first book last year my Macbook Pro died (spiritual testimony). I had to break out the dinosaur my Macbook. This thing is sooooo crippled up and shuts down a lot. It was just not in the budget today to get a new one. I told my best friend at coffee after another computer shut down that God is going to get me a new Macbook Pro. A few days or so later I went to another friends house. The husband says, "Have you been praying for a new computer, because my wife woke up from a nap and God told her that we have to get you a new computer so you can start to write your next book." They had no idea about my computer issues or about the next book I am writing called "Healing The Wounded Souls of The Walking Wounded" WOWWWWW! 😂 yes tears of gratitude. Yes I have a top of the line new Macbook Pro. Thank you my 2 friends, you know who you are.


Then this week God brought a friend from Florida whom I haven't seen since like 18 years old to confirm the book title but she didn't know I was writing another book. The Road Less Traveled where He deals with the true enemy of our soul - Ourselves. I wish I could tell you that I'm not scared or have no fear on this journey but I still do. Its less for sure. But today I have an EXCITEMENT in my heart that I never knew. I wont leave "The Road Less Traveled". Its the lifestyle I am called to live. I am no longer a walking wounded but I have become a wounded healer.

What Side of The Cross are you living from: Lonnie Ellis


Page TitleJohn 10:10 (AMP)The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows.


Many of us know this scripture all to well. The first part of it anyways "the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy". We know this because many of us have experienced the enemy derail or try and destroy our lives (or so we thought).


That first 1/2 of this scripture carries a ton of weight in our belief process. Why? Because the losses we have experiences: betrayals, death, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of a home, rape, loss of finances, molestation and on and on and on.


But honestly HOW MUCH WEIGHT do we put on the 2nd half "I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]"? If we are truly honest, for most its just words on a page we want to believe or a wishful prayer we pray.


There is way to much to cover on this in a FB post so I will share only in a small part as to why I think this is:


1. We have a lot of history with the thief and loss he caused but we have no grid for what the abundant life looks like.


2. We try to define what the abundant life should look like in our lives and not trust Holy Spirit to lead us into it. That puts us into a box and wanting to have control.


3. We feel undeserving or unworthy.


4. We feel its a process to get there (that puts it back on us) which is an earthly truth not a Kingdom truth.


Jesus did the process for us. He went to the cross, He shed His blood to wipe out OUR COMPLETE HISTORY. Once you received the gift of salvation your past is gone forever. It doesn't exist anymore. Like it never happened. He was resurrected so we can be reconciled back to God. And so we can be filled with The Holy Spirit.


The same spirit that hovered the earth in Genesis, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you!!!! YOU ARE A NEW CREATION OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY! Not some old things but ALL OLD THINGS of your pre-cross life.Jesus made us deserving and worthy.


The Good News is Actually Good News!!!


We have a choice to believe it or not believe it?


The tomb of your past is empty and cleaned out. Its time to pray and ask The Holy Spirit to lead us into the abundant life that God has for us.We have to stop living from a past that no longer exist and stop reliving what happened to us.


My Pastor, Verna Brown said in service yesterday something along these lines, "its not what the enemy did to you but its what God did for you" - Thats a selah. That hit my spirit so hard and deep I gave out an uncontrollable loud shout in church.