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In November of 2019 Maria and I finishing up 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer with our home church, Bay (The theme is “Pursuit”.  The Holy Spirit has begun speaking to myself and Maria about DRMI and our personal lives. As we step into 2020, He has released a clear vision (2020 – A Year of Clear Vision and Awakening). 


That He (God) is releasing another “GREAT AWAKENING” for the next century – WOW, WOW, WOW. 


We truly know that MANY leaders and prophetic people are getting this same kind of download. Some with different mandates and visions. The prophetic signs have already manifested in the secular culture as a signpost – it always does.


The Clear Vision and Mandate the Lord has only begun to give us at DRMI but not limited to, falls into 3 categories. Here is just a brief synopsis of what we are hearing and stepping deeper into.

Spiritual Awakening - Physical Awakening - Financial Awakening

Yes, stepping into one or all three of these mandates with us will take DESIRE, DECISION and DEDICATION but you will be transformed forever.

We are EXCITED about the next century and so should you be. Though the world may seem to be getting darker, scarier and confusing there is a Bright Light of Hope being released on the scene – that Bright Light of HOPE is YOU! Will you step into what you have been called? You were not put on this earth by accident. You have purpose, you have a mandate(s) and destiny to fulfill, you have answers that others need, and you bring Hope! God is doing His part, but will you partner with Him and do your part and step into your calling and destiny!!!


We thank you & Bless you,


Lonnie & Maria Ellis

Isaiah 61:1-4
“People helping people step into who they are called to be”

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