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The Crusade:

Maria and I have partnered with Inspire Agency whose leaders that operate with business integrity for their clients and who bring years of wisdom and education into the financial arena. As partners we are giving families real hope and a different outlook in life through financial educational awareness. We help protect and build families financial situation while helping them create a financial legacy for themselves and their families.  


It breaks our hearts listening to the MANY DEVASTATING stories from all the families that are left destitute because the system they were told to believe in and rely on. These financial institutions did not care to guide them, protect them, educate them or give them any TRUE options that could have turned their outcomes differently when the storms of life hit them. Our team will be hosting FREE EDUCATIONAL meetings in groups or individually in person or via webinars to show a much better way – a truthful way to – on how to take care and protect your families financially. 


Contact us for more information.




Lonnie & Maria



a company that unlocks your true self. We believe in Faith Family Finance Fitness and Fun. There is no other company like us in the world. This homepage is exclusively for our affiliated agents to leverage and build their businesses.

Families more than ever need to learn what they can do to get ahead and align themselves for financial independence. Come attend a 40 minute webinar on how and why we have such a big impact on families. Send the respective link to a guest to attend the live webinar.

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