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Senior Pastor Brent Lokker - Blazing Fire Church

Pleasanton, California, USA


Lonnie is a man after God's own heart. His passion for Jesus and his desire to obediently follow the Holy Spirit has taken him on a journey that most Christians would long to have. Lonnie is the Lord's trusted friend who He uses to touch people in significant and life changing ways, breaking people free of bondage and leading them into encounters with the Father's heart. God uses Lonnie to ignite the fires of revival, with signs and wonders following, wherever he goes. I encourage you to invite him to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Senior Pastor Roger Valci - Valley Christian Center

Dublin, California, USA


"One of the most powerful combinations in the kingdom is humility and power. My friend Lonnie Ellis carries both. Whether it be washing feet, praying over people or communicating God's Word, I find Lonnie one of those rare personalities that cares less for his own reputation than simply serving the ness of God's house. Any ministry that has Lonnie as part of its team is enhanced. I recommenend him to you with great enthusiasm and support"

Associate Pastor Jimi Merrell - Valley Christian Center

Dublin, California, USA


Lonnie Ellis is a man who lives his life by the "Book". Compassionately loving others, powerfully preaching the Word, and humbly walking in submission to the will of the Father, He sees and experiences the magnificent works of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Lonnie has a well-deserved reputation for being a man of great character, strength, integrity, love and humility. I highly endorse Damascus Road Ministries International!

Tiffany James - Encouraging Touch Enterprise

Oakdale, California, USA


I have the great pleasure of knowing the ministry of Lonnie Ellis, but most importantly I have being able to see and know His heart for the Kingdom of God. Lonnie has a very powerful healing anointing that is multi- dimensional. He brings healing to the emotions, spirit, as well as the physical body of a person. He is genuine, transparent, and is an intimate lover of God. My life has been blessed by the ministry and friendship of Lonnie Ellis.


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