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Healing Testimonies


Revelation 19:10

For the testimony of Jesus s the spirit of prophecy


Matthew 10:7-8 

And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Below are just a few of the supernatural healing's that we have had the pleasure to witness by the Hand of Jesus.


Lump in my breast is gone

After seeing my friend Lonnie on the "700 Club Interactive" TV show I decided to call him for prayer because I had a lump on my breast. Lonnie and his wife Angela prayed for me and Jesus removed the ump immediately. Thank you Jesus! - Olga

I thought my knee was shattered:
I was watching Lonnie's segment on "The 700 Club Interactive" TV show today and it reminded me of the time that I fell in my backyard. If felt like my knee was shattered. I called you and you prayed for me over the phone and it felt totally healed, the swelling went down
instantly and the only remaining thing was a little scrape. Thank you. -Trish

Should life support be removed?
My friend Wanda called me very, very upset. She informed me that her granddaughter Davina age 19 had fell off the hood of a car a couple of days before and landed head first. She was unconscious when rushed to thehospital. She cracked her skull and part of the skull had penetrated the most important part of the brain. I immediately sent out a prayer request via email to go along with the other prayer emails that others had sent out. My friend Stan and I went down to the hospital to lay hands on Davina and pray for healing and complete restoration. When we arrived Wanda explained that the doctor had shut down ALL visitations. Earlier in the day another minister had been at the hospital to pray. He was only aloud to pray from out side the door. I told Wanda to go get the nurse.

I then prayed for Jesus to remove any obstacles out of the way that would get in our way of doing what we were brought there to do. The nurse came and led us right into the room to lay hands on Davina and pray. Stan immediately sensed and spoke that she would live and fully recover and be a witness to Jesus for others. This agreed with my spirit and we began to prophecy life and destiny over Davina.

I cant breath; I can’t catch my breath; I can’t fill my lungs with air

Is what I heard as I was praying on a Monday afternoon before going to lead a ministry service on healing that night. Later in the service I called that particular word of knowledge and no one stood up to receive it. I wasn’t discouraged because I stepped out if faith and took a risk. The next morning I arrive to work about 6:00am and I head to the break room. My boss is in there by him self. He looks a little pale. I asked him if he was all right and he responded I cant breath, I can’t catch my breath and cant fill my lungs with air. I was in shock. I closed the break room door and told my boss I had to talk with him. I explained how he knew I was a Christian but I never told him that I walked and believed in the supernatural and healing. I told him how I heard the Lord the afternoon before and that thisword of knowledge is for his healing, He said Ok I have to go now and I said don’t worry you are healed in Jesus name. He left work for the remainder of the day. The very next morning as I was going to enter my office, which was next to his. I noticed he was at his desk. I sheepishly poked my head in the door and he said get in here. He said I don’t know what happened but when I left the break room I was completely healed. – Lonnie

Heart surgery cancelled 
The Doctors had scheduled surgery for my Aunt. She had a valves leaking. They wanted to schedule a radical surgery. They were going take her heart out of her body then fix the problems then put her heart back in herbody. When I came to town to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary my aunt came to my parents house. My Aunt explained her situation to me and asked me to pray over her because she believed Jesus would heal her. She went back to he Doctor and he checked her over again, actually he had other doctor’s check the test results because the problem went from major and possibly life threatening to a very small problem that she doesn’t have to worry about. –Lonnie

Blood issue healed (open vision)
My friend Linda had been calling me for three nights in a row. She lives in Minnesota. I could sense that she wanted to talk about
something personal and was trying to lead me to ask the question that would give her permission to share. I didn’t ask. The third night she said,” Lonnie I am trying to tell you something important and you are not listening.” I said, " Ok I am listening." She went on to say, “I have been bleeding heavily for 28 days and I am starting to black out, what do I do I need help.” Being the man of God and the prayer warrior I thought I was I yelled back, “Go to the hospital, do you want to die?” She responded. “You know I have been out of work and my insurance has run out. I can not afford the hospital.” All of a sudden I felt led to pray for Linda. I said, “Do you want to be made whole? I feel that God wants to heal you. Can I pray for you?” She agreed with prayer.  Praying over the phone my eyes were open. All of a sudden a vision opened up in front of me right before my own eyes. It was like a 3D image but moving. I could tell it was a female’s reproductive system. I saw tubes with like liquid cells female’s reproductive system. I saw tubes with like liquid cells flowing from them. I knew that the liquid cells represented blood flowing out of her. As I lifted my hand in the natural air I saw a hand in the vision make the same gestures. I explained this to Linda over the phone and I said, “Let’s go for it.” She agreed. As I prayed I would move my hand and simulate what the hand in the vision was placing on one of the tubes. When I prayed in tongues the tube smoked a little and the bleeding stopped. After about Five to ten minutes I was done and the vision closed. Linda stated that she was very sleepy and hung up to go to bed. The next morning at work I got a call from Linda. She said, “The bleeding has stopped and my body has never felt this great.”

Finland - Lump in breast dissolves over the phone
My friend had called me very upset. Her sister in Finland  who is reserved by nature had called her earlier on and stated that the doctors have found a lump in her breast and they were very concerned. They wanted her to come back for a biopsy. I asked her if we could do a three-way call and pray for her healing. She called her sister and she agreed. I had met her before when I was in Finland the year before. I shared some testimonies about other women that have been healed with lumps in their breasts. I explained that God is going to heal her. I asked her to put her hand on the lump. I prayed in English while my friend translated in Finish. I explained she should start feeling heat. She did. Then after a few minutes the lump totally dissolved. She explained that she had such a peace. She went to her doctor’s appointment the following week as scheduled. She insisted that he take another test before doing the biopsy. The doctor did and he could no longer find the lump and gave her a clean bill of health. Almost a year later her other sister called her from Finland with the same report. We walked her through the same steps and she was totally healed. She went back to her doctor and he couldn’t find any lumps or tumors.

Knee Healed
Good Morning Lonnie, Praise God for using your healing hands yesterday. My knee is 100% better today, no clicking and the soreness is rapidly disappearing! As I shared with Carla and Steve, when you placed your hands on me I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit pouring through like soothing oil from my head to my toes. It was so like the experience I had when I accepted Christ as my Savior over 25 years ago. I thank God for his grace and mercy! God bless you as you minister to those who come into your life. - In His Name, Cathy

4 Lumps in Breast Dissolve
While driving to an appointment (7/14/06) my friend Tina called me and stated she had 4 lumps in her breast and that she had had an ultra sound done the day before. She asked me for prayer. I asked her to put her hand on the lumps as I prayed over the cell phone. All the lumps disappeared while praying. The prayer was in 2 phone calls but all the lumps are gone!

Two Lump in Breast Gone after Prayer
"The totally awesome part about the healing was when I was on the floor ‘soaking in the anointing’. I felt like I was on fire! I could literally feel the lump being cut out and removed--without feeling the pain. It was wild! Now looking back to Thursday morning when I discovered the two hard lumps in my left breast, I was really worried because they were about the size of two unshelled peanuts side by side.  By Friday morning, there was now one hard, larger lump the size of a pecan. All day Friday, I was just overwhelmed with fear and depression.  I tried to get a hold of my doctor but her office was closed. Saturday night when Lonnie shared his testimony about a co-worker being healed, God spoke to me and said, “Have him pray for you now.” I really felt scared to tell anyone, but as I stood in line to get prayed for, God’s peace overwhelmed me.  God told me there was a specific healing anointing for lumps and breast cancer. So when Lonnie prayed for me, I knew there was a healing anointing present that
night, specifically for this very problem women face. I Praise God for His Awesome healing power!" – Tina

Achilles tendon healed & the Lump in My Breast Dissolved
As I was part of the Blazing Fire Church ministry team, I prayed with a woman who had a ruptured Achilles tendon and a lump mass on the left side of her body/breast. The doctors wanted to do a biopsy on the mass to see if it was cancerous. She wanted prayer for healing. So the first prayer was for her ankle. After about 5 minutes all the pain went away and she could walk and put pressure on it with no problems. All the pain went away. Next I asked her to put her hand over the lump. I put my hand on the outside of her shoulder and asked God to remove the lump. IT TOTALLY DISSOLVED! The tears ran down her face as she felt the lump just evaporate.

Neck Healed Over the Cell Phone
I had decided to take a night off from ministry to rest and regroup. I was relaxing on the couch when my cell phone rang. It was my friend Leah. She was traveling in the car with her sister Esther who was driving. Leah began to tell me that she had had a stiff neck for several days. She said that it hurt to turn it either direction. She asked if I would pray for her in person. I really didn’t feel like going out to meet anyone that night. As I was about to respond, "I will keep you in prayer,” I had a conviction in my spirit. Then I heard "aren’t you going to release the healing anointing gift I gave you?" Then I said "Leah, let me pray for you right now." I asked her to put her hand on her neck where she felt the most pain. I prayed and I explained to her that her hand and neck should be getting hot. Her response affirmed this. The pain began to leave her neck and after a few time of praying and checking she was totally healed over the cell phone.

Another Neck Healed Over the Cell Phone
I was waxing my car on a Saturday afternoon when my friend Ryan called me and stated that we have a mutual friend named Leah. He then began to share with me how Leah told him that she was healed of a stiff neck after calling me on my cell phone and getting prayer. I confirmed this for him while in shock that we all know each other. He went on to explain how he has had a real bad stiff neck for some days now and in pain. He asked if I would pray for him. I did. I continued to wax my car as I was praying. After about 5 minutes of prayer Ryan was completely healed.

Woman Healed of Chronic Pain
I shared a testimony from the “Father Loves You Conference” about women that had been in chronic pain for over 20 years. At the conference, John Arnott called her to the front. She had never forgiven herself for an accident she was in. She forgave herself and was instantly healed. During prayer time at Blazing Fire a woman came up to me and told me that she had been in a few car accidents and has been in chronic pain for well over a year. As I prayed for her the pain that was in her body began to flow to her neck. From there I prayed more and it went down through her arms and left completely.

Oh my gosh. Your face is glowing!
One day I came out of my office. I went to talk with one of our customer service representatives. As I was talking with her the customer service manager came over and said, "Lonnie I have a question for you?" She then looked up at me and stated. "Hey why is your face radiating, why is your face glowing, OH MY GOSH YOUR FACE IS GLOWING ITS GLOWING!" Then the customer service rep whom I was working with yells out, “YOU HAVE THE ANOINTING OF GOD ON YOU, YOU ARE BLESSED” then another customer service rep in the department said, "Lonnie come pray for me, my back has been hurting real bad!" I laid hands on her back prayed and she was healed. PRAISE GOD! –Lonnie
Holy Spirits presence so strong in my office my co-worker get’s healed entering
I got back to my office around 1:00pm and the Spirit of God was all over me. Jennifer the customer service supervisor walked in my office wanting to talk. She explained how she had this horrific headache all morning and nothing worked. She was feeling terrible. She said that Angela, a customer service rep in my office at the time said to her, "What are you doing, go ask Lonnie to pray with you." So I said to Jennifer "I will pray with you." She then said to me, “no you don't get it. Right when I walked in your office I was healed. It broke and it is gone! I feel GREAT!" You should have seen the joy on her face.

Knee Healed @ Women’s Breakfast Meeting
I sensed two days before the conference that the Lord wanted to heal people physically before the message. I shared a bunch of testimonies on how I had got to witness the Lord's healing of people physically over the last few years. Then I released words of the types of physical healing I felt
God was going to do. One particular one was knees. Not only knees but that someone might need knee surgery or had knee surgery or needed a knee replacement. People stood up to receive the word that was released. About 3 people had signs that their knee pain was gone. A lady came to me and stated that her knee was healed. That she had knee surgery but the only option left was a knee replacement. She also told me that God spoke to her that if she came to the breakfast to hear the message that He would heal her knee. Thank you Jesus! – Lonnie

Healed From Sleep Apnea
"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in December 2004. I'd find myself waking up suddenly, gasping for air with an excruciating headache that last sometimes two to three days and my eyes were so red they looked like pools of fire. I do have the CPAP machine, but have difficulty sleeping with the machine. Therefore, I do not use the machine. You (Lonnie) prayed that I'd be healed of sleep apnea and while you were praying, It felt like jolts of fire shooting through both my forehead and back penetrating my lung area specifically as well as throughout my entire body. I was so relaxed the entire ride home. I normally would have to sleep with three to four pillows to elevate\ my upper body to help my breathing. I'd wake up two to three times a night and I would always wake up in the morning tired. Saturday night, I was so relaxed that without thinking I went to sleep with two pillows and woke up Sunday morning feeling really refreshed. Praise God. Sunday night the same thing, I went to sleep without any problem and felt refreshed in the morning. Praise the Lord, I am healed! The second thing is that I never ever remember dreaming, I don't dream. I am aware that everyone dreams, however if that is the case; I never remember my dreams. After Saturday night, I can tell that I'd dreamed but can't remember the dream. I know it's just a matter of time before I will be remembering my dreams." - My God continue to Bless and Keep You –Dollie

Thank You!
Hi Lonnie, I had intentions on telling you that you did a wonderful job at church. But you were busy doing God's work therefore I did not distract your attention. I just left quietly. But you did a good job with your message. Your message was wonderful and well seasoned. It was a blessing to my entire family. I've been trying to get my mom back to church for a long time. And I was happy she came. And she never goes up to the alter so that was another miracle. God is really using you in a wonderful way. You don't even know how important you are to God. –Zennaita

Hey I Need Prayer From You
"Hey I need prayer from you," is what my co-worker yelled to me as I entered the office one morning. I still had my backpack and lunch in hand. I said, "OK what’s up?" She began to tell me that she has been having major pain in her right wrist and forearm. It hurt her to pick things up and also to type. It was interrupting her work. After some questions I had for her, I said lets pray. I grabbed her wrist and began to take authority over this pain right there in the break room. After some short prayer I asked her how was the pain. She said the pain moved to another part of her arm. Ahaaaa I said to my self. Spirit of infirmity GO in Jesus name and she was completely healed. No morning cup of coffee can beat that - Thank you Lord for always showing up –Lonnie

Healing Anointing At My Workplace
Along with full time ministry I also had a full time job for a season. I had been at my present employer for two years. God had opened the door and had allowed me to minister to several coworkers and some of their family members. I have witnessed physical & emotional healings(s) on a weekly basis at work. Backs, Migraines, Wrist, Stomach issues, Depression, Sinus problems along with many, many other physical and emotional healing(s). I have witnessed people come to Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the first time while others rededicating their lives to Christ. It is a typical day for me to pray or minister with my coworkers. -God I thank You for Your Anointing in my work place.  –Lonnie

Worship Rehearsal Healing
Yesterday afternoon I was asked by Pastor Don (Harbor Light) if I would play on the worship team for Sunday night’s service. One of our singers showed up and she hobbled up the stairs to the platform. I asked her what was wrong? She stated that she had thrown out her back while getting out of the shower and drying off the day before. She said thank God that I work for a chiropractor and he can adjust me tomorrow at work. (I know God uses doctors) I asked her if she had gotten prayer and she stated yes, but she would always take more prayer. So I asked her if I could lay hands on her back and she was ok with that. The drummer put his hand on her shoulder and we began to pray. She was instantly healed. Thank you Lord. -Lonnie

Healing after dinner
I went to visit my friend Jennifer and her daughter at her mom Nina's house. Over a year ago her mom was experiencing MAJOR demonic attacks. The Lord allowed me to walk with her through some of that and she now has an AMAZING relationship with the Lord. During this visit her husband Richard, was always making his presence scarce. Last night he joined us for dinner and after dinner the Lord allowed me to share testimony after testimony of how I got to see Jesus change lives. He stated to me, “Man you have some AMAZING stories and you’re just like a everyday guy, like a guy I can hang around.” His wife had mentioned to me that he had a bad fall some time ago and his shoulder has never healed. I asked Richard if could lay hands on him and pray. He said, “Yes but it’s a tall order for God.” I smiled. As I laid hands on his shoulder the fire of God began to fill his body. He yelled and was overcome with Gods presence. As he got up and tested his shoulder he couldn’t believe it was healed. He started walking all over the living room swinging his arm around and around, something he couldn’t do before and laughing. Then he kept hugging me ever so tightly. He then accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. His wife had a shoulder issue also and all the pain left when I prayed with her. Jennifer had said earlier she needed prayer due to a strained muscle in her chest area. I didn’t pray for her but asked how she was feeling? She was actually healed while just being in the environment. I asked her how her lower back was feeling now because it should be healed and she said, “I never told you about my back but all the pain that was in the lower right part of my back is gone!” Thank you Jesus  –Lonnie

Shoulder healed
You prayed for the pain in my shoulder it is completely gone. I moved this weekend and thought about how I had no pain at all. This would not have been the case in the past. I've had this pain off and on since I had surgery for breast cancer a couple of years ago and it is completely gone. Praise Daddy.Thank you and God bless you –Marni

I FEARED for my LIFE! - A true story by Lonnie Ellis 
It's Monday morning @ 9:30am. I am at Black Bear Restaurant making my way to Bethel Church in Redding CA for the Leadership Advance Conference. I can only continue to praise God for what He did last night. It had been a GREAT day. I spent the morning with my son. We went to the mall and then I took him home to Gilroy. I then went to a leaders meeting for my church (Blazing Fire Church - Pleasanton CA) what a great time that was. I then went to my friend’s daughter’s 16-birthday celebration.  I got to catch up with a bunch of friends. That was a great time. About 8pm I then began to head over to Antioch CA to my friends church (Dave Moore) for their monthly Freedom Service (Church: The Light Ministries). As I drove down Highway 4 a white Toyota Tacoma truck came speeding pass me. The passenger had his hand out of the window flipping everyone off. I was thinking man Lord what was that about. As the lanes merged down to 2 lanes I found myself next to that truck. I was in the left lane. I had my windows down because it was so warm and the breeze felt good. The driver of the truck pulled close to me and began to shout profanities at me.  There were 2 men in the truck. The driver was in his late 40's or early 50's. The passenger had to be in his 20's. They backed off and slowed down. I kept going in my gold rental car. I then saw them driving up real fast and when they reached me the driver pulled close again. This time he was very, very angry. He was so violent with his words towards me. I started to get scared and almost reacted with anger but instead I decided to pray under my breath. They backed off again. Then one more time they came back and this time I thought he was about to ram his truck into the car I was driving to run me off the road. Everything was happening to fast for me to dial 911. He kept telling me to pull over so they can deal with me. Speeding off into the dark I began merging myself between a couple of cars in hopes they wouldn't see me. My exit was coming up (L street). I would take the exit at the last second hoping they wouldn't notice me getting off the freeway. They did notice and came fast behind me. I made a right turn and sped into the gas station on the corner to seek refuge. They wouldn't have the gall to come to the gas station to get me was my thought. But they did. I had to decide what to do. Do I run to the cashier and tell him to call for help? Do I take off and hope they don't continue after me? No, to my surprise I got out of the car and walked up to them in their truck. I was sooooooo scared and shaking hoping they didn't have a gun or knife. When I reached the passenger window they were docile. Heads bowed low. I said to them "what did I do to offend you, why are you after me, what can we do to make this right between us." They looked up. You should have seen their faces. They responded, "Who are you. What do you want?” they said. I said I am the guy you were chasing down the freeway. Then what happened next blew my mind. They both said, "We are sorry." The passenger said, "Jesus is good, Jesus is good. Praise Jesus!"  They responded, "Who are you. What do you want?” they said. I said I am the guy you were chasing down the freeway. Then what happened next blew my mind. They both said, "We are sorry." The passenger said, "Jesus is good, Jesus is good. Praise Jesus!" They wanted to shake my hand and then I left. It hit me that this was a demonic attack and that when I walked up that the presence of the one who loves me dearly (Jesus) had just protected me or sent an angel or host of angels to protect me. When I got the Church I opened the bible I came to Exodus 14:14 (The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”) NKJ Or in the Message: God will fight the battle for you. And you? You keep your mouths shut!"

If you are reading these testimonies and need physical, emotional or spiritual healing, just lift your hands up in they air and say "Jesus I receive your total healing in my body" In Jesus name be healed.

God Bless You :)

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